News that GBGB has agreed in principle to permit racing has been met with great joy by many of the people who signed the Star’s petition. Although it was closed three weeks ago, the emails continue to fly in with pledges from potential permit holders. To date, little is known beyond the single sentence statement from GBGB press officer Simon Banks. But things are starting to move:


Pelaw Grange are to publish a notification in Friday’s racecard inviting potential permit holders to contact the racing office.

In the last couple of years the Durham track has lost “somewhere where between 150-200 greyhounds” to the neighboring William Hill tracks as the names Caile, Anderson, Burton, Strike, Taylor, Blackbird and half a dozen others. . have all disappeared off the racecard.

Racing manager Dave Gray said: “We are thrilled at the decision of the GBGB, though we are a bit cautious, reading Jonathan Kay’s piece in the Racing Post, about GBGB putting restrictions on the new permits. I don’t know what GBGB have to worry about. Nobody will be betting huge amounts here. We have a couple of bookies and there won’t be any money going into the betting shops.

“We copied a picture of today’s Racing Post onto the website and we are already having enquiries coming in. ”


Henlow’s Paul Mellor said: “I love the idea of having permit trained dogs here again. I have no idea how many of our old permit trainers who weren’t able to build kennels are still about. I suspect we lost a lot of them to the game when they couldn’t train themselves.”


Shawfield boss Billy King was probably the most powerful advocate of permits and racing manager Daniel Rankin said: “We are delighted that permit racing has been approved and we are talking to potential trainers and intend to put details in our racecard. The biggest problem we face is not knowing exactly what is being talked about and what the restrictions may be. The sooner we know, the better.”