Despite the lack of a detailed statement from GBGB into the resurrected permit licensing regime, details are beginning to emerge of the recently agreed plan for a pilot scheme.

The scheme is to be tested at five non-BAGS tracks: Harlow, Henlow, Mildenhall, Pelaw Grange and Shawfield. It is anticipated that a draft proposal explaining the workings of the scheme will be presented at the next GBGB board meeting on December 2. If, as expected, it is approved, a notice will appear in the GBGB Calendar in December. It is likely that tracks will be given permission to trial permit runners immediately. This should be no later than the beginning of January. In the meantime, several of those tracks are inviting potential permit trainers to registered with them to enable a swift registration and grading process.

The core of the concept is that permit holders will be able to train up to four runners from their homes, or home kennels. Since all animals will be subject, like all pet dogs, to the Animal Welfare Act, they will not be subject to GBGB regulations until they arrive at the track where they will comply with all existing rules of racing.

Should the pilot scheme go to plan, it is likely that the authorised representatives from many of the remaining tracks will apply to have the scheme extended.