The Pay Up Campaign today published a video bringing together leading figures in the sport of greyhound racing to speak with one voice appealing to Betfair to do the  right thing and Pay Up!

Leading figures such and Champion Trainer Mark Wallis, Greyhound Derby Sponsor Ben Keith and Greyhound Owner and TV Actor Dean Andrews. Betfair ceased payments into the British Greyhound Fund in 2013 a decision estimated to cost the sport up to £1m a year in funding. The video is timely given the statement by the company published in the Racing Post on Tuesday 5th June with Betfair’s demand for an audit process of rival firms causing almost universal outrage within the sport.

Campaign co-founder Carl Harris commented;

“It is no exaggeration to say that greyhound racing is facing a funding crisis. Our campaign has been completely stonewalled by both the Racing Post and RPGTV as well as Betfair themselves who simply refuse to enter into dialogue. The sport of greyhound racing has come together to speak as one and as k Betfair to Be Fair and invest in greyhound racing. Greyhound welfare costs money and the future of the sport relies on securing long-term funding. With Sky Bet due to meet the GBGB next month Betfair are now the only major firm who refuse to even enter into any dialogue with the GBGB. We ask Betfair to do the right thing and pay the 0.6% levy, which is not a lot to them but means the world to our sport”

We ask people to share this video far and wide and make sure as many people as possible see it. I have posted a copy to Barry Orr of Betfair and perhaps he will stop and listen and stop ignoring the pleas of an entire sport”


Carl Harris

tel 07715327141