“We have been liaising with the different Local Authorities for our greyhound stadia and confirm that we will be trialing the return of owners at Sunderland, Newcastle & Nottingham later this week. We cannot currently gain approval to do a trial at Perry Barr, which is in a local lockdown area.

Sunderland will trial an event on Wednesday evening, Newcastle on Thursday evening and Nottingham on Friday evening. Next week we will trial two owner events at each of the three stadia. The Stadia will be communicating with their owners over the coming days to explain the on-line process for booking in, the Covid-19 measures and admissions policy that will be in place for their protection and to safeguard others, and the track & trace system.

We would like to thank our owners for their patience and really look forward to welcoming them back at three of our stadia.”

Rachel Corden

Greyhound Operations Director