Brendan Keogh

Brendan Keogh, multi time Owner of the Year award winner through the KSS Syndicate, was among the first to back Kevin Boothby following his decision to stage the Blue Riband without crowds, sponsor or a bookmaker broadcast deal.

Rab McNair said: “I mentioned to Brendan what Kevin was trying to do and he immediately said that we shouldn’t be accepting any prize money from the heats. We hope to have two runners, King Axle and Queen Dolly.

“Personally, I think Kevin could have gone stronger and charged entry fees. But it is really important what he is trying to achieve.”

Andy Pelley, known for his Goldies prefix said: “We hope to have one runner and I wouldn’t dream of taking any prize money. It is important that we stand by Kevin and high quality open racing.”

Owner Mark Burridge said: “Our only potential runner, Mister Brentford, is currently resting, but we will be supporting Towcester during the year. I will be watching the meeting on Towcester TV. In fact, I would pay for 50 people to watch the meeting.

“I feel so strongly about this that I would like to donate trophies throughout the competition, including one for the winner of the final.”