We are coming to their end of our 2019 reviews but must first acknowledge the contribution of the brood bitches who threw the leading open race stars of the last year.

Skate On’s exploits have been widely covered here during the course of the year and she completely dominated the final standings with progeny from three outstanding litters.

However, so good were the Eden The Kid litter that they actually won 54 open races between them, spread: 14 King Sheeran, 11 King Cash, 8 King Dylan & King Lennon, 6 Queen Beyonce, 4 King Diamond, 2 King Sinatra, 1 King Nelson.

It is the second year in a row that Skate On has headed the table following her 51 wins in 2018 when Droopys Loner was back in third place.

Denotes British registered litters

A Decade of Top Dams

2019 Skate On (Cashen Legend-Grannys Image) 66

2018 Skate On (Cashen Legend-Grannys Image) 51

2017 Droopys Danneel (Rumble Impact-Droopys Bubble) 57

2016 Swift Erin (Kinloch Brae-Great Madam) 52

2015 Swift Erin (Kinloch Brae-Great Madam) 61

2014 Little Flutter (Go Wild Teddy-Any Time Soon) 37

2013 Airport Boss (Larkhill Jo-Simply Vintage) 37

2012 Star Of Dromin (Band Of Stars-Blondie White) 47

2011 Droopys Seville (Droopys Vieri-High Knight) 49

2010 Droopys Seville (Droopys Vieri-High Knight) 59