The news that so many owners are trainers have been waiting to hear is now confirmed – the English Oaks will go-ahead at Swindon in December and will be sponsored by well known owner John ‘Jaytee’ Turner.

Final details should be confirmed within the next 24 hours though the ‘definites’ are that it will be for a ‘five figure’ first prize with the final date scheduled for Saturday December 29.

The host track have applied for special dispensation to run the Cat One event over three Saturdays, with the first round on Sunday 9th.

Stadia UK’s Bill Glass said: “Great that we have been able to work with John Turner to get the Oaks on this year at Swindon, it is the biggest thing we have had to look forward to in many a year. We were working with John towards a new slot for the competition, to start  at Swindon in Spring next year, and were delighted with the concept.
“Over recent weeks however, there has been a severe case of misinformation and some crossed lines linking Swindon to the traditional December Oaks slot, which for much of the time had us bemused as we were gearing up for May 2019.
“The negativity towards Swindon which came with it was saddening and reflects a modern mindset that does so much damage. It is actually industry self-harm.
“What we do appreciate is that John Turner is a great supporter of greyhound racing in Britain and despite being persistently bothered on his holiday, has been so positive and supportive throughout. “