Given the limited number of news sources about greyhound racing, the Star regularly receives requests from owners of retired greyhounds curious to find out whether their new pet was particularly successful on the track, or just general information about their life and pedigree.

That is now being tackled with a new initiative from the Greyhound Ambassadors – a certificate giving new owners important information about their racing history.

The Retired Greyhound Certificate seeks to provide a way for ex-racing greyhounds to carry their racing history with them into their forever homes so that new owners are able to take pride in adopting a former athlete.  The certificate includes details such as the greyhound’s racing name, as well as their:

  • Parents and siblings;
  • Racing owner and trainer;
  • Proudest moment on the track;
  • General likes and dislikes.

Former owners and trainers will be asked to fill in the certificates which are currently being distributed to training kennels and re-homing centres.

Kim Sanzone, Greyhound Ambassador who has led the development of the certificate, said:

“When you welcome a retired greyhound into your home, you’re not just adopting any dog – you are giving a home to a former canine athlete with a proud pedigree.  As Ambassadors, we felt that this history is sometimes lost or forgotten when they are rehomed as pets so we wanted to do something to address this. We hope that this certificate will benefit the new owners who are providing our beautiful hounds with their forever home.”

Mark Bird, GBGB Managing Director, said:

“This certificate is another positive step by the Ambassadors which will hopefully help strengthen the link between dogs’ racing careers and their retirements as pets.”