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18:17 – 480M – A5

Four youngsters make up the inside four boxes and SPORTING CARMEN in the black jacket found 6 lengths improvement from her best trial and that means she’s got a big chance again despite the hike up two grades.

MUSTANG FOCUS in 3 is capable with a clear run but that’s not been happening of late while THURLSBEG STORM in 2 would be looking to kick clear and hold on, a feat she’s struggled to achieve in higher grades so this is a welcome drop for hers.

AFFLECK PETE in 1 has been racing from the 3 jacket but even if this change helps, I think he still has a bit to find on a couple in here.



18:33 – 480M – A2

This race looks wide open and it’s hard to predict how they’ll round the first bend, however, Trap 1 should lead up and if FEELING CLASSY in two can stay with him down the back she might just pick him up.

ELDERBERRY JAXX in 3 is lightly raced for his age but will need luck in running, but is a huge player with a clear run. SHELBYS MEMORY in 4 would be involved if able to avoid a slow start again.



18:48 – 480M – A4

SUPREME PIPER in 2 was not that long ago sent off favourite in an A2 so she’s got to be on the list running in this grade again but she’ll want to come away a bit better than she has, but should lead the 1 with ease.

KATIBA in 3 runs a similar race to the two but if the pair can avoid each other I think they’ll fight it out. MO CARA STUNNER in the stripes is another on the downgrade but she’s not been able to get round recently. With a clear run they won’t get close to her and I think she’s drawn well enough to maybe get round those first two bends.



19:07 – 480M – A4

BROCKS SNOWFLAKE in one is freshly out of season so might take a bit more time before she delivers the goods whereas BLOKADE DUCHESS in two is primed following her season but she’s up from an A7 two runs ago to an A4 which might prove hard to sustain.

LADY VICTORIA was a good winner the last day when trapping well but she’ll need to do that again here while both 5 & 6 have the times under the belt to be landing this providing they don’t scupper each other early on.

JESTER in 4 makes his racecourse debut but moved nicely in trials and you’d think he should be capable in this grade if not today then soon.



19:24 – 480M – A3

A decent graded race here with plenty to like about most but I’m drawn to CARRANNA STORM who takes welcome drop in grade after a narrow defeat last time out in A2. Things need to fall into place to secure a clear run but this is the fastest runner in the race, the youngest runner in the race and I’m prepared to pin all my hopes on him in leg 5.

COOLADERRY MAURA in 6 and WHITEOAK JOSEPH in 4 are feared most if either get on the bunny.

Selection – CARRANNA STORM (5)


19:44 – 480M – A2

Plenty of early pace in this race but I’m actually drawn to the stronger runners in both VELVET MATILDA and VIXONS WHISPER. The latter was sent off favourite in this grade the last day and despite being beaten still put in a decent time. The former had race over 6 bends when last seen and was far from disgraced but I think even an almost clear run makes her the one to beat.



20:03 – 630M – S1

The stayers final now and DISTANT MOVE may have only just held on from DROOPYS OWL last week but he can’t start any worse than he did on that occasion and I think he’s by far the fastest runner in the field.

The draw looks good for the entire field so I’d be hopeful of a clean run race and in that case there is only one winner.

Selection – DISTANT MOVE (5)


20:23 – 480M  – A1

The four bend final now and I have to start by mentioning how well SERENE SNAPPER finished last week after all but falling off the second bend. Now time-wise that wasn’t a great performance but visually it was hard not to be impressed. With a clear run I think he’s the only runner who could peg back JAZZERS MAN in the stripes who is the quickest starting runner and has the best overall times too. He’ll be hard to beat and has the plum draw.

CRUZ ON LOUIE is a bang railer and drawn in four which means there will be bunching on the inner.

Selections – SERENE SNAPPER (2), JAZZERS MAN (6)