There are certain events in life that are inevitable. Like death, taxes and Jose Mourinho getting sacked and banking another £30m pay-off. Other events you don’t expect to see of a lifetime, like Trump’s wall, or Ryanair getting an award for good customer service. Slightly less likely than either was Tony Collett having a winning night at Central Park. But it happened.

While Rab McNair or Patrick Janssens couldn’t have found a winner in a swimming pool full of winners, Tony ‘T’m Feeling Lucky’ Collett called up a £50 win on 11-8 chance Mairead Brave for an £18.75 profit. Remember this day.


Peter Harnden returns tonight to prove that he isn’t a one hit wonder, as he takes on the man in form, ‘Big Mark‘. We also have a special guest, a great friend to this site, the Belly on the Telly himself, Gary Wiltshire. Under normal circumstances we don’t allow reverse forecast betting as part of the contest, but as national treasure, Gal has his own rules.

The form:

The views:

Mark Pierrepont:

Haggswood Tank (R4 T5) young inexperienced August 18 pup for Anna Thompson who has completed a quickfire A7 double in the first two races of his career.  Has a nice touch of early pace that will serve him well as he moves on up through the grades.  Went up to the line first time in 5.16 and 5.12 on his first two starts and anything like that will be enough to see him around the first bend in front once again.  Can improve his bend running and will need to as he lines up against better dogs but this isn’t the best of A6 races and a cheap lead and a small amount of improvement and this race should be his for the taking £100 win

Peter Harnden