Greyhound owner David Mitchell has the support of GBGB trainers representative Peter Harnden in setting up an umbrella organisation to represent greyhound owners, trainers and breeders writes Floyd Amphlett.

The current owners’ representative on GBGB John Coleman has a year left until due for re-election and a number of owners have contacted the Star expressing disappointment with the former trainer’s low key approach to the role. There is no place on the Board for a breeder’s representative.

In the longer term, as stated below, Mitchell states his ambition to seek Coleman’s place on the board.

David Mitchell

Mitchell writes: “The last few months has given myself and many others a chance to assess the direction which the sport here in the UK is heading. We have a superb sport but as owners, trainers and breeders we deserve so much more. We put such huge investments into the sport, financially and in time but the general consensus amongst all three groups is that we aren’t rewarded to the extent that this investment warrants.

“I have spoken with the trainers representative Peter Harnden, who I must add has done an excellent job during his time in position, about the possibility of forming an association which would represent and empower us all. I have also made contact with Mark Pierrepont who is a committee member at the BGBF and asked that he discuss the possibility of that organisation becoming involved.

“From the inside out the BGBF is an organisation who under the leadership of Liz Mort has gone from strength to strength and I would hopefully be able to meet up and discuss the proposals with Liz at the earliest opportunity. I do believe that by working together, positively and realistically, we can improve a lot for all three groups of stakeholders, gaining us strength and allowing our voice to be heard more clearly. Potentially I would be willing to put myself up for the position of owners representative on the board that is currently held by John Coleman.

“This is at the very early stages of an idea which will hopefully prove beneficial to us all and I would be pleased to hear from anybody who wishes to get involved. I do though state that I agree with the sentiments of trainer’s representative Peter Harnden that any such organisation would need to be positively controlled in a non militant manner.

“We have witnessed many times in the past within our sport that militancy serves no positive purpose and isn’t likely to during current times either. Now is the time we must all come together for the benefit of the sport.”