Former Doncaster trainer Mick Parker began his hospital treatment this week after recently being diagnosed with cancer in his right lung.

Wife Elaine said: “It is only his first week and is combining chemo and radiotherapy. It might be the steroids that he is on, but after three days of treatment, he is absolutely bouncing. It has been quite tough, the diagnosis hit us very hard, Mick had already lost a lot of weight and then he developed pneumonia. So we were in a pretty low state.

“But now the treatment has started, it is six days a week, we are starting to feel a little more optimistic. I am sorry, we had a lot of missed calls when we first had the news, and I just couldn’t face talking to people. Maybe you can explain the situation for us.”

The man himself said: “I feel fine. There is a lot of travelling, even being at the hospital at 4 o’clock on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, but its not too bad, we’ll just get on with it.”

(On behalf of so many people who have phoned to ask for news on Mick’s condition, our love and thoughts are with this great greyhound family – Ed)