37.30 (+30) Geelo Monty Ballymac Eske Macys Perfect Perry 10/8/17
37.37 (+30) Blonde Fletch Black Shaw Glebe Stapler Wallis 06/06/11
37.37 N Mossvale Ace Ace Hi Rumble Blue Bee Knight 28/7/16
37.44 (+50) Blonde Fletch Black Shaw Glebe Stapler Wallis 03/09/11
37.44 (+30) Swift Hansel Godsend Swift Approach Lister 10/8/17
37.48 (+20) Bodell Clare Royal Impact Bodell Daisy Kemp 16/08/10
37.48 N Bodell Clare Royal Impact Bodell Daisy Kemp 20/08/10
37.50 (+30) Mark My Words Westmead Hawk Jazz Hurricane Sallis 22/06/12
37.51 (+20) Droopys Marital Droopys Cain Droopys Loner Foster 17/05/12

Monmore have staged 533 open races over their 630m course since 2010.

In all that time only eight greyhounds have gone faster than Paul Foster’s Droopys Martial on Thursday night.

The 2017 Ladbrokes Puppy Derby finalist – he was beaten by eventual winner Forest Con and was eliminated alongside Dorotas Wildcat – was winning just the third of 20 races during a disrupted career.

Trainer Paul Foster said: “I’ve always had the odd dog for Mark Gilbert and he sold a half share to one of my regular owners, Neil Cole.

“We’ve only had the dog for a couple of runs. He was knocked out of the Derby when finishing fourth in a heat where only three qualified.

“Martial was with Dean Childs but seems to have a history of little niggles. Mark told me what a fast dog he is, but he lacks a bit of early, at least against Derby dogs. The plan is to return to Monmore next week and work on his fitness. I think he will stay a bit further as he gets stronger, and I would love to run him in the 686 on Derby Final night.”