Kinsley boss John Curran is suffering from writers cramp following an amazing month for homefinding at the Yorkshire circuit.

He said: “I am still finding it hard to believe but we re-homed 56 greyhounds in January. When I say ‘we’, I mean the independent homefinders, who have been just. . . magnificent!

“We thought 2017 was good, I don’t have the exact figure but it was somewhere between 190-200 dogs re-homed which we were very proud of. We were also expecting a busy start to the new year because December is always the slowest month for home finding. But 56 in a single month, just unheard of!

“It feels like all I have done is write cheques. The previous year we set aside £60,000 for re-homing, but we have already spent that with three months still to go.

“They weren’t all ex-racers either. We had a couple of locally bred litters who didn’t make it and they were among those who were re-homed.”

Curran has confirmed that the Gymcrack will go ahead in some form but the track will make a further announcement in due course.