She might have the longest journey of all Friday’s Coral TV Trophy Finalists, but the sponsor’s 5-4 favourite Riverside Honey will not be fazed by the journey from Golden in County Tipperary.

Trainer Graham Holland said: “She absolutely loves travelling. She is kenneled with Clonbrien Prince and she accompanied him over to England for the Derby, really as his traveling companion. She sleeps all the way and was a real calming influence on him.

“She is owned by us as a family, she runs in the names of our kids, Rachel, Christopher and Timmy which in itself is quite unusual. Most of our dog are owned by other people so we know that eventually they will move on.

“Honey will be with us for the rest of her days. She is spoiled and she has become a bit of a madam. Timmy carries her around in hi arms like a baby.

“If its raining and she is due to go out to the paddocks, she just shoots you a look saying ‘no I’m okay thanks.’ She pretty much gets her own way most of the time and she even has a toy sheep in her kennel.

“As far as the final is concerned, we are genuinely thrilled just to be there. Nicky brought her over last week and said what a great atmosphere there was at Romford.

“We realise that everything went her way last time out and if she doesn’t break, she will have a major race on her hands, that Savana Winner in particular looks as though she can catch pigeons.”