British bred Affleck Bolt (Kinloch Brae-Ardrine Lunar) won the Ballyregan Bob Memorial in some style at Hove, though the event was tarnished by a group on ‘keyboard trainers’ who lambasted trained June Harvey when Fizzypop Buddy finished lame writes Floyd Amphlett.

The story of the race was Patrick Janssen’s Bolt leading from trap to line to clock a very impressive 41.79 (-30) for the 695m and collect a winner’s prize of £1,000 for the one-off.

Behind him, Fizzypop Buddy never got going and was eventually beaten a distance. Within minutes, the internet forums were awash in bile in criticism of the local trainer for running the five year who actually won the race back in 2015.

Mrs Harvey said: “Buddy picked up a hamstring injury, almost certainly when he stretched coming out of the traps. It is very minor. It has been iced and will be treated with the laser and he would be fit within two weeks. It was an injury that could have occurred to any dog at the track that night, and nothing whatsoever to do with the tendon problem that threatened his career.

“Before we ever bought him back he was checked over by two experts, one being George Drake who said ‘there is nothing the matter with him. The tendon is perfect’. In fact, so perfect that he did a 30.27 calculated trial at Hove less than a week ago. He was checked again this morning, and the minor tear was the only problem.

“It makes me so angry that people who don’t know anything about it feel they have the right to criticise. In fact, somebody wrote that I should have my licence taken away. If they knew anything about Buddy at all, they would know that he absolutely loves racing. He gets so excited and racedays and practically pulls you over to get in the van.”

The former Leger winner has only had 56 races since making his debut back in July 2015.

Mrs Harvey said: “If dogs are fit and healthy and enjoy their racing, why not let them run? I had a dog at Poole years ago who was still winning A1s at seven years old and loving every race.”