Kevin Boothby

Henlow is following in the path of Yarmouth, Kinsley and Towcester when pledging to re-home all its ex-racers.

Promoter Kevin Boothby said: “I have reached an agreement with Johanna Beumer who has agreed to exclusively re-home Henlow runners. She hasn’t been operating at full capacity in recent times but is still homing over 100 dogs per year and I would expect that to increase.

“We are planning various fund raising meetings and other projects to support Johanna in her work.

“Traditionally, we have never had a major home finding issue here because so many of our runners are owner trained, but the extra fixtures means we have to plan for the future.

“I have a kennel in Lincolnshire which I will turn into a re-homing centre if we need to find more places, but whichever way we do it, these dogs will all be re-homed. Welfare is a massive priority at Henlow.”