No one was more surprised about Kanturk Repeat’s disqualification in the Coral Champion Stakes Final than trainer Heather Dimmock.

The fact that the ‘fight’ was so ‘OTT’ – with the black driving Ower Boy Bullet into the outside fence – suggested it was more of a ‘pick-up free for all’ than a straightforward deliberate interference. It was the 27th race of her career.

Heather said: “I have watched the video so many times my eyes have gone blurry. She didn’t have a go from the side, like they normally do when they fight, she kind of went over the top of the other dog. Although some people will think I should be going to Specsavers, I am convinced that she was distracted by something.

“When we first got her, there were a couple of races where you wondered whether she was going on with it or not, but she never showed any inclination to have a go at another dog. She then grew up and won lots of races by five or six lengths, including her heat of the Champion Stakes.

“So I honestly don’t know what went wrong. She has come off with some sore quicks that we will allow to heal and then look at clearing trials in another three or four weeks.”

One of the Towcester refugees, and one of its nearest kennels at Grafton Regis, Team Dimmock were delighted to join Henlow.

Heather said: “We were very lucky to get into Henlow and they could not be more helpful. We have always enjoyed racing there and the track has always been kept in good condition. We could have been far worse off”

In addition to ‘Bomber’ moving out of the shadow of kennelmate ‘Bruiser’ who was ironically crocked on the same track, Friday night’s card proved a real bonanza for the Bruiser Boys who also saw 3-1 shot Brigadier Bullet win the £500 Maiden Stayers Final and Baroness Bullet (4-5f) most impressive in the Maiden 750, which she won by seven lengths in 47.12.

(The last race on the card was won by Bruiser Bullet’s litter brother Thor Tagg)

Romford’s smart new marquee, near the standard trip’s second bend, opened just in time for Champions Stakes night with soft drinks, food and tote betting in place. Sadly, the alcohol license, was not ratified, as hoped, for Friday night. Photo: © Steve Nash