Kinsley was over-subscribed for the Betfred Gymcrack which gets underway on Sunday with the final on May 16. A track statement reads:

At the time of closing there had been a total of 50 entries for a category 1 competition that has 36 places. The directors and racing office of Kinsley would like to thank all trainers/owners who have registered their interest in the hope of becoming the winner of the BETFRED GYMCRACK 2017, We would like to wish trainers/owners who unfortunately didn’t make the cut all the very best for any forthcoming race/competitions you may participate in.

Promoter John Curran said: “I genuinely feel sorry for the people who have brought dogs here in good faith but we simply haven’t been able to accommodate them. The competition grows every year and it always attracts top class puppies. We are all looking forward to it.”

This is the seventh year of the event being held at Kinsley and among the pups who first made their reputations in the event are Swift Hoffman, Newinn Yolo, Laughing Gravy, Southfield Jock, and Droopys Trapeze.