With just under 24 hours until closing (Wednesday noon), Kinsley have received 26 entries for the 36 runner Betfred Gymcrack which gets underway on Sunday.

Joint racing manager Andy Mascarenhas said: “There are still some of the triallists who haven’t entered including Phil Simmonds and Heather Dimmock. At worst we should only be a couple short and we have locals here who could be included.”

Charlie Lister’s Local Playboy was the fastest of Tuesday mornings trials. The overall list of fastest trialists reads as follows:

27.54 (-20) Brinkleys Poet Dartnall
27.63 (N) Raise The Stakes Dimmock
27.64 (-10) Dower Majestic Butler
27.64 (-10) Local Playboy Lister
27.72 (N) Oh Armani Mullins J
27.74 (-10) Dower Majestic Butler
27.74 (-10) Geelo Blissful Perry
27.74 (N) Iris Bloom Tuffin
27.74 (+10) Young Rocket Young
27.75 (-20) Raise The Stakes Dimmock
27.82 (-20) Swift Tarquin Mullins J
27.83 (N) Swift Anubis Mullins J
27.88 (N) Newinn Tango Jenkins
27.89 (-10) Geelo Blissful Perry
27.89 (N) Quivers Phonenix Dimmock
27.93 (N) Jabber Jive Dimmock
27.98 (+10) Hatfield Wizard Young
27.99 (+10) Itsurmate Young