Charities and Industry come together to discuss greyhound welfare with Minister Mims Davies.

Last month a landmark meeting took place when Charities joined Industry members from the Greyhound Forum, with DCMS Minister Mims Davies.  

Whilst all were grateful to the Minister for achieving success with the Bookmakers, they were all adamant that Bookmaker financial support, at a greatly enhanced rate, was going to be essential, if greyhound welfare was to be achieved.

Budgets have been considered with a total of £11m required, a sum that must be ring-fenced for welfare but, in addition, must be a long term commitment rather than a negotiating deal on an annual basis.

At the meeting, delegates stressed that the continued intransigence of the Bookmakers must not be allowed.

Clarissa Baldwin CBE, Chairman of the Forum stated that “the charities are not against greyhound racing but we are totally opposed to any compromise on greyhound welfare.

Mark Bird, MD of the GBGB stated that “if we are to fulfil our Greyhound Commitment, we need the Bookmakers to fully understand their moral and ethical obligations and join with us to improve the welfare of racing greyhounds.

Minister Mims Davies reiterated “ as the sixth most watched sport in Britain, it is clear that the welfare and care of all racing greyhounds, from registration to retirement, must be a fundamental part of its successful future”. She went on to add “I strongly urge all remaining Bookmakers, that take bets on greyhound racing, who have not signed up to this agreement, to follow suit and support the Sport.  Any greyhounds put to sleep due to medical treatment being too expensive, or a poor prognosis is one too many – we must stop this.”.

Clarissa Baldwin added “ this is a very clear message from the Minister and Forum members will be following up on this message to ensure that Bookmakers are made fully aware that the charities will not accept two tier welfare.