Whilst the animal welfare charities, which make up the Greyhound Forum, agree that further income for the welfare of racing greyhounds is to be applauded, the “estimated” £3 million sum – in an industry that claims £2.6 billion in Bookmakers profit – still does not go far enough to solve the welfare issues generated by the industry.

The long list of the areas in greyhound racing which are meant to benefit from the sum shows a distinct lack of knowledge for the need, or extent of the requirement to improve greyhound welfare. Whilst it is encouraging to see that, after five years, Bookmakers are taking the first step to acknowledge their responsibility for greyhound welfare, animal welfare charities insist that a mandatory government levy on the sport is the only way forward, rather than the voluntary commitment that is currently in place. Making it a statutory levy, guaranteed year on year, will go a long way towards the cost of ensuring the care of greyhounds whilst in kennels and their future into an appropriate retirement home.

Clarissa Baldwin CBE

Chairman GreyhoundForum