A new graded series for British bred dogs at every track in the UK has been announced by the BGBF today. 
The aim of the BGBF has always been to support, encourage and reward British Breeding at all levels. Up to now we have concentrated our competition sponsorship on Open events, but we are aware that by doing this we have been missing out a large proportion of British bred dogs running on all tracks around the country. So for the first time we are launching a series of graded events, one at each track, to support graded dogs along with their breeders, trainers and owners.
The BGBF Supporting British Breeding Graded Series will give each venue the option of running its event one of two ways: firstly as an 18 (or 12 if necessary) runner handicap competition; or, if the track does not have, or is currently unable to use, handicap traps, two single race events of different grades (or one 18 or 12 dog race at a single grade if two at different grades are not possible)
For the first time also trainers, as well as breeders, of the winning greyhounds will receive a financial reward.  Details of this new series have gone out to the tracks this morning and we are hoping they will be well received!  Each winner will also receive a Trophy, provided by the BGBF.
BGBF chair Liz Mort commented: ‘We have seen some exciting BGBF competitions this year, despite all the downsides of 2020, and I am delighted that we have been able to continue sourcing and providing sponsorship – our main funding comes via the BGRF but we have also had enormously valuable funding from SIS over the past three years, without which we just would not have been able to run the spread of competitions that we have done! So, big thanks to them as well as to our tracks for hosting our events so well!’