We were highly concerned by the Prime Time Investigates programme of 26 June which highlighted serious animal welfare issues within the greyhound sector in Ireland. Animal welfare has always been and continues to be a top priority for GAIN.

We immediately began a process of reviewing the issues raised. We have formally conveyed our deep concerns to the Irish Greyhound Board over the shortfalls that have been clearly displayed within the sector. Our values as a company are clear and we expect high standards from our partners and  stakeholders.

The IGB is conducting a review of the issues raised. We have indicated to IGB that we expect this review to be robust and that it should deliver a comprehensive approach to overhauling welfare practices in the sector.

As animal welfare advocates, GAIN has worked hard to actively encourage greyhound owners to keep their retired dogs when they finish racing and to promote the rehoming of greyhounds. Through the inaugural “Strolls to GAIN Homes” events last summer, GAIN took a leading role with the Irish Retired Greyhound Trust to highlight to the general public that retired greyhounds make terrific family pets.

GAIN also donated over 1,000 bags of our premium dog food to 36 dog charities across Ireland at Christmas. A significant number of these charities are actively involved in re-homing all types of dogs. We also make regular individual donations to animal rescue charities and shelters.

We are continuing to engage with partners across the industry on this issue.

Caroline Brindley
Equine & Pet Brand Manager
Glanbia Ireland: Purcellsinch Bus Park, Dublin Road, Kilkenny