The remarkable Geelo Blissful became the fastest bitch ever to grace Newcastle’s 480m course with a 28.16 run on Thursday night. Ironically, it was just two days after she had lost her FOY for the similar trip at Sheffield, thanks to a brilliant run by Serious Hangover.

Blissful run was the seventh fastest ever, headed by Droopys Shearer’s track record of 27.92. Three of the six faster runs were by Droopys Expert and all were by males. Interestingly, Blissful’s arrival in the Perry kennel came as a direct result of Geelo Sapphire’s success as Bitch of the Year.

Carl said: “We invited breeder Shane O’Gorman to the awards night and he was telling us about Blissful who at that stage had only had two schooling trials. The deal was done on the night. From the beginning we thought she could be the best middle distance bitch we’ve ever had, but I am not sure I would ever have believed she could clocked 28.16 at Newcastle.

“She has won on five different tracks and she will be trialling at Nottingham next week with the Lowther Stakes in mind. She is virtually flawless, but if she has one slight weakness, it is that she takes a few looks at a track to produce. She showed that at Towcester and at Newcastle where she made big progress after ordinary trials. Looking further ahead, then obviously we are waiting for news on when Towcester intend to run the Oaks.”


260 KILARA BERT (Tyrur Big Mike-Kilara Cher) 14.98
470 SWIFT BARBIE (Makeshift-Swift Pacquaiao) 27.53
590 DOONANE EMERALD (Razldazl George-Donanes Facebook) 35.71
265 LENSON COBRA (Ballymac Vic-Sporting Dame) 16.22
450 KING BOWIE (Tullymurry Act-Shirocco Star) 27.55
SNOWDON BOLT (Shaneboy Spencer-Uptown Hawk) 27.55
480 KING EDEN (Droopys Scolari-Shaws Dilemma) 28.59
500 KING EDEN (Droopys Scolari-Shaws Dilemma) 29.82
642 AFFLECK BOLT (Kinloch Brae-Ardrine Lunar) 39.67
480H LENSON WILSON (Scolari Me Daddy-Kilduff Kerry) 29.15
380 BRINKLEYS POET (Scolari Me Daddy-Kilara Lizzie) 22.85
540 DROOPYS EDGE (Droopys Nidge-Droopys Loner) 33.35
714 SHOTGUN BULLET (Kinloch Brae-Wining Impact) 44.95
874 SLIPPY MASKA (Kinloch Brae-Mays Maska) 56.04
380H SWIFT ASBOLOS (Godsend-Swift Salt) 23.22
540H RAZLDALZ RAIDIO (Razldazl Rioga-Razldazl Marilyn) 33.78
275 BURNFOOT ADAGEO (Adageo Bob-Burnfoot Belle) 16.70
450 HEADFORD JOHNNY (Superior Product-Aero Aviva) 27.30
483 LIGHTFOOT KING (Candlelight King-Droopys Knox) 28.93
661 ROXHOLME POPPY (Aero Majestic-Pookies Sophie) 41.21
238 LEMON DIAMOND (Ja Mann-Lemon Mel) 14.61
415 BAR THE WARRIOR (Chenzou BoyGengall Beauty) 25.59
592 LOGGIES ROSIE (Godsend-Mays Maska) 36.85
277 QUIVERS BLISS (Skywalker Puma-Quivers Point) 16.53
428 QUEEN ADELE (Tullymurry Act-Skate On) 25.15
460 HEADFORD OCTANE (Iso Octane-Tyrur Tulisa) 27.16
550 ROSWELL ROMANOV (Quail Hollow-Kranky Leona) 32.86
285 KILMORE LEMON (Taylors Sky-Lemon Lucy) 16.05
475 AWAY SHELLY (Droopys Jet-Danielles Shelly) 27.43
515 KING TURBO (Leamaneigh Turbo-Wee Tiger Tots) 29.52
695 CLARES KYLETAUN (Ballyana Foxtrot-Lughill Marie) 41.05
740 SPIRIT JULIETTE (Romeo Recruit-Droopys Topaz) 45.29
515H RAZLDALZ RAIDIO (Razldazl Rioga-Razldazl Marilyn) 30.09
268 ROXHOLME HAT (Ballymac Vic-Emma Honey) 15.79
462 BRINKLEYS POET (Scolari Me Daddy-Kilara Lizzie) 26.95
650 RIDGEDALE MAX (Taylors Sky-Ridgedale Look) 39.75
264 DOWER FOR GOLD (Zero Ten-Brickfield Lee) 15.10
415 DOWER FOR GOLD (Zero Ten-Brickfield Lee) 24.42
480 RISING BRANDY (Taylors Sky-Badminton Girl) 27.82
630 DROOPYS BONUCCI (Droopys Cane-Droopys Loner) 37.36
684 BONZOS BULLET (Vans Escalade-Lacken Sylvia) 40.97
290 BALLYMAC SEXTON (Ace Hi Rumble-Ballymac Sasha) 16.69
480 GEELO BLISSFUL (Laughil Blake-Ballyrobin Venus) 28.16
640 BRAMBLE RAFA (Sh Avatar-Swift Palmer) 38.76
255 DERBY BLAKE (Laughil Blake-Gold Supreme) 14.95
305 NEWLAWN ADAM (Ballymac Vic-Gurrane Princess) 17.55
480 NEWINN SHADOW (Kinloch Brae-Newinn Expert) 28.11
500 DROOPYS EXPERT (Greenwell Hawk-Droopys Rhiona) 29.28
680 BOYLESPORTS STAR (Razldazl Billy-Razldazl Marilyn) 41.21
730 NANNY CAKES (Kinloch Brae-Ardera Diana) 44.34
905 SLIPPY MASKA (Kinloch Brae-Maska) 47.00
245 BLUEREEF CRUISER (Shaneboy Lee-Voltair Star) 14.53
435 SOME DECISION (Superior Product-Katies Decision) 25.74
590 DUTCHYS REIDY (Kinloch Brae-Amber Bound) 36.56
275 REVILO ALEX (Jordansoilutions-Avas Castle) 16.12
480 QUIVERS SCOLIE (Droopys Scolari-Quivers Point) 28.42
660 SWIFT COREY (Kinloch Brae-Swift Maidora) 41.51
250 PUKKA BULLET (Razldazl Jaykay-Colorado Lauren) 14.87
435 CRACKER JOKE (Droopys Scolari-Mohane Patient) 25.82
620 SENSUAL (Tyrur Sugar Ray-Sequential) 38.23
250 LOGGIES ROCKY (Ace Hi Rumble-Gaytime Grettie) 14.90
450 CLASH (Tullymurry Act-Dynamic Trend) 26.31
640 CLARES KYLETAUN (Ballyana Foxtrot-Lughill Marie) 38.56
225 CHOPCHOP HOPE (Ballymac Vic-Auntie) 13.28
400 CHOPCHOP STEVE (Makeshift-Kenny Girl) 23.61
575 BOMBERS BULLET (Droopys Cain-Headford Ho) 34.75
750 MAIREADS IVY (Hondo Black-Winning Impact) 46.71
925 SLIPPY MASKA (Kinloch Brae-Mays Maska) 60.48
300 BALLYMAC HEALY (Drumcrow Obama-Coolavanny Gem) 18.63
480 THE OTHER REG (Razdazl Jayfkay-The Other Peach) 28.87
500 FARLOE FALCON (Hondo Black-Fridays Grove) 30.50
670 ASHBANK GEORDIE (Paradise Madison-Rackethall Diva) 42.29
280 AFFANE PARTY (Sparta Maestro-Affane Katie) 15.57
480 SERIOUS HANGOVER (Kinloch Brae-Cornamaddy Maid) 27.44
500 ASHBANK CHRISTY (Scolari Me Daddy-Droopys Valerie) 28.52
660 HUARACHE MADISON (Paradise Madison-Highview Gale) 38.87
720 MAYSSPECIALTIARA (Crash-Global Liberty) 43.45
934 SLIPPY MASKA (Kinloch Brae-Mays Maska) 57.10
500H RAZLDALZ RAIDIO (Razldazl Rioga-Razldazl Marilyn) 29.53
261 LACKEN DECCO (Ballymac Vic-Lacken Rua) 15.57
450 DROOPYS TRAPPER (Laughil Blake-Droopys Sylvia) 26.49
640 BOMBERS BULLET (Droopys Cain-Headford Ho) 39.10
285 MAGICAL THEO (Definate Opinion-Ms Firecracker) 16.34
480 BALLYMAC DEFO (Definite Opinion-Ballymac Razl) 28.60
509 ROCKSOE (Laugil Blake-Ravenswood May) 29.92
685 DROOPYS MARTIAL (Droopys Cane-Droopys Loner) 41.61
260 AFFANE PARTY (Sparta Maestro-Affane Katie) 15.01
480 KING TURBO (Leamaneigh Turbo-Wee Tiger Tots) 27.92
500 DROOPYS VERVE (Loughteen Blanc0-Droopys Cyclone) 28.76
686 TOWSTAR ARRY (Droopys Cane-Rubik Ruby) 41.19
906 MAYSDREAMCATCHER (Kinloch Brae-Mays Maska) 55.91
480H LENSON WILSON (Scolari Me Daddy-Kilduff Kerry) 28.40
277 KILMORE LEMON (Taylors Sky-Lemon Lucy) 16.02
462 DOG MAC ARTHURE (Superior Product-Borna Gem) 27.45
659 BOYLESPORTS STAR (Razldazl Billy-Razldazl Marilyn) 40.48
843 INDIAN BEAUTY (Sparta Maestro-Killura Lark) 54.20