Slippy Maggie has been quoted at 6-4 with the sponsors to take next Saturday’s Crayford Cesarewitch.

Michelle Browne’s bitch found her self with an unusually clear passage in the opening heat and although she opened up a sizeable lead over Goldies Hotspur, Patrick Janssens bitch was able to to keep the losing margin to four lengths in a time of 56.59.

Stardom was clearly at the end of her stamina range when picked up by Burgess Honey in the second semi final (result below). There was a similar story for Ava Storm who started to back pedal from around the 800 metre mark and was picked up by kennelmate Aayanza Breeze and the strongest finisher of all, Savana Winner.

Despite being in opposition to the Derby quarter finals, there will be plenty of interest in next Saturday’s Henlow dominated decider.

6-4 Slippy Maggie, 3-1 Savana Winner, 10-3 Aayamza Breeze, 9-2 Stardom, 12-1 Goldies Hotspur, 16-1 Burgess Honey.

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