GRA’s CEO Clive Feltham is to step down as a director of GBGB from the end of the year writes Floyd Amphlett.

The Perry Barr and Belle Vue promoter will not seek renomination at next month’s AGM of the Race Course Promoters Association and will give up his role as its chairman.

In doing so, he will also relinquish his role as a director of both GBGB and the BGRF.

It has been a tough year for the former Catford tote manager who was unable to persuade the owners of Hall Green and Wimbledon to renew leases on the former GRA tracks.

So is this a sign of Feltham looking to end his relationship with greyhound racing?

He said: “Absolutely not, I want to make that very clear. I will continue to operate both Belle Vue and Perry Barr. In fact, I will now have more time to concentrate on them.

“It was simply a case that I have been involved in industry politics for over 20 years and it is a massive commitment. Even a board meeting can take a whole day and I have never been someone to do something as a half measure.

“I am very conscious that I am approaching my 60th birthday and something had to give. When I was running six tracks, it only seemed natural to be centrally involved.; but it is time somebody else had a go.”

John Curran had also already announced his retirement from both boards. Billy King is expected to step down from the BGRF. With GBGB chairman Tom Kelly having already resigned and CEO Barry Faulkner retired, plus the appointments of new directors Paul Ephremsen and Pete Harnden, it has been a year of huge change in industry politics.

With talk of SIS contracted tracks looking to challenge for seats of the RCPA – and on GBGB/BGRF – there are more interesting times ahead.