Still undecided about tonight’s Eclipse card?

Then here are some figures that may enlighten you – or add to your confusion. First, the official clockings to the third bend from last week’s heats.

Honour Turbo 18.00
Droopys Trapper 18.11
Dower Rory 18.48
Funk Factor 17.76
Spearten 18.16
Viking Jerry 17.98
Droopys Verve 17.82
Ballymac Osby 17.98
Donation 18.23
Dorotas Wildcat 17.70
Newinn Jet 18.34
Madabout Philip 18.34
Swift Taxman 17.91
Loher Honey 18.36
Calico Blackjack 18.47
Droopys Trawler 18.16
Nidderdale Lark 17.92
Ballymac Twitter (W/D) 18.37


Betting update:

1st semi: The early 2-5 on Dorotas Wildcat has all gone. Best price 1-3f

2nd semi: Droopys Verve who was trading at 8-13 early, has drifted to 8-11.

3rd semi: Ballymac Osby has been backed in from 15-8 to a best of 11-8. Virtually everything else is on the drift