Murrys Act has built his career on battling rearguard performances with the occasional ‘bang and gone’ run. Monday’s Sunbets East Anglian Derby second round run belonged to the former variety, as the dog who dominated the first qualifiers came within whiskers of being eliminated.

Heat 1: would be won by Act’s kennelmate Knockard Spring (Kinloch Brae-Springwell Dotsy, Apr 15) running in the blue jacket (5.42 sect) in a race with multiple leaders. Quickest up with a 5.32 sectional was Minglers Toure (T5 12-1) followed by Bubbly Turbo (T4 7-2) (5.35 sect) with the eventual winner back in third. Murrys Act (T6 evens) (5.49 sect) supporters would have been made to sweat as the race unfolded. . .

Knockard Spring’s winning time was 27.84 (all heats +10) with Bubbly Turbo three quarters of a length second. Three short heads separated third-fifth with Murrys Act getting the third qualifying spot from the eliminated Do It For Twiggy (T3 6-1) and Minglers Toure.


Heat 2 appeared to be at the mercy of Bubbly Bluebird (T2 4-6f) but after a sloppy break (3.39 sect), he would soon find himself behind Kevin Hutton’s white jacketed 3-1 chance Forest Chunk (Tullymurry Act-Forest May, Jul 15) who took up the running (5.32 sect) from the even quicker (5.30 sect) Roxholme Wil Iam (T4 11-2).

Forest Chunk’s winning time of 27.44 would be the fastest of the round and an six spot improvement on his first attempt. Roxholme was two and three quarters adrift but headed the favourite by exactly that margin.


Heat 3 saw Hiya Butt (Hondo Black-Hather Pat, Sep 13) come to the rescue of favourite backers. Quickest away (5.32 sect) was Thomas Golden (T4 14-1) followed by Butt (T3 4-6f) who covered the first 81 metres in 5.34sec as he eased across Theos Rocket (T2) with Newinn Shadow (T6 3-1) back in third. This is how the race unfolded. . .

Hiya Butt’s winning time was 27.52, one spot slower than his first round win off a four spot slower sectional. Newinn Shadow was beaten a black nod under five lengths with Thomas Golden half a length third.


Heat 4 saw the night’s biggest shock with the elimination of Charlie Lister’s 8-11f Marians Dream (T1 8-11f). The 12-1 winner in the stripes was Hazel Kemp’s You Little Jimbo (Droopys Scolari-Sunrise Ice, Aug 15). Running off a 5.37 sectional, the leader was pursued but never quite caught by Barricane Jack (T3 6-1) and Russelena Planet (T4 7-1). . .

The winner’s time was 27.85 and the distances, half an length and a length and a half.


All footage courtesy of GreyhoundsNow