Yarmouth promoter Simon Franklin has spoken out in favour of full participation of permit trainers in racing.

With full details of the GBGB’s proposed changes to rules still to be announced, It has been rumoured that certain individuals within the regulatory arm of GBGB are aiming to prevent permit trained runners competing at BAGS tracks.

Franklin said: “On what grounds? We had permit racing here before over many years and it never presented a problem. God knows why they stopped it. The vast majority of our better trainers here began as permit trainers. In fact, you could probably say that they are still permit trainers – ‘with a kennel’.

“Whether or not someone races on BAGS should be down to the discretion of the racing office – be that permit or any other kind of trainer. If we get it wrong, we are the ones that answer to BAGS.

“Nobody is suggesting that you give them a permit licence one day and then give them BAGS runners the next, but no trainer, with or without a kennel, is allowed to do that.

“We are big advocates of permit racing at Yarmouth. The care and attention given by the owners is second to none.”