Greyhound Time
Skywalker Logan 29.05
Droopys Verve 29.14
Clonbrien Prince 29.19
Magical Bale 29.22
Queen Beyonce 29.27
Dorotas Wildcat 29.28
Droopys Nadal 29.32
Priceless Blake 29.41
Droopys Expert 29.42
Nice Charmer 29.42

Skywalker Logan’s track record heads the ‘fastest run’ table in the Derby to date. There top ten times are from ten different runners, of whom Droopys Nadal (who is also joint top of the sectional table) is the only one no longer in the event.

There are only two unbeaten runners still left in the Derby: Clonbrien Prince and Queen Beyonce. There will be at least one less after Saturday’s third quarter final.

Stuart Buckland has been the most lucrative trainer to follow in the Derby to date. His only runner Dower Rory won his third round heat at 14-1 meaning you would be £12 in profit based on three £1 bets. Other profitable trainers would include Peter Cronin (£9.57) and Paul Hennessy (£8.00).

In terms of winners: Graham Holland (7), Liz McNair (6), Angela Harrison and Paul Hennessy (5).

From a betting perspective if you had backed the same trap number in every heat, you would have lost on each of the six options – most notably on trap six (-£41.43) to a £1 stake. However, if you had only backed the stripes when it was the market leader, you would be showing a small profit.

Winning traps: T1-8, T2-12, T3-12, T4-13, T5-6, T6-5