The second round of the Star Sports, ARC and LPS English Greyhound Derby continues this evening at Nottingham’s Colwick Park Stadium.

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The first of tonight’s eight second round heats see’s a likely match between Angela Harrison’s Droopys Expert and Liam Dowling’s Irish raider Ballymac Anton.

To Halfway

Ballymac Anton 14.94
Uncle Wexford 15.07
Droopys Expert 15.09
Martinstown Hope 15.15
Dower Rory 15.21
Windmill Rover


We didn’t see the best of Anton in last weeks first round, yet he still qualified with ease when finishing a 4 1/2 length third behind Queen Beyonce. ‘clear run, rails’ comments for Anton for last week don’t quite tell the whole story.

He mistimed his break and as the lids opened he was on his back feet as Beyonce took a flyer.

Anton was then slightly crowded at the first bend and actually clipped the rail as he made the turn.

From halfway home though Anton did some amount of running and never looked in any danger at all of not qualifying. This dog can trap, his 4.99 split when trialling around Nottingham for the first time eclipses his 5.12 from last week by some way and a reproduction of that can see him lead by the turn. For a greyhound who is unbeaten once leading that should be enough.

He’s a very strong runner and doesn’t necessarily have to lead to qualify. Similar comments apply to Droopys Expert and he can continue his superb run of recent form by finishing a good second.

Dower Rory has plenty of pace from behind and the 2018 Eclipse finalist can book himself a place in next weeks third round by taking the third and final qualifying slot.

Latest betting: 5-4 Droopys Expert, 7-4 Ballymac Anton, 8-1 Uncle Wexford, 14-1 Martinstown Hope, 25-1 Dower Rory, 40-1 Windmill Rover

Ante post: 28-1 Droopys Expert, Ballymac Anton, 125-1 Uncle Wexford, 250-1 Martinstown Hope, 300-1 Windmill Rover, 500-1 Dower Rory


Skywalker Logan is likely to be priced far too prohibitively for most to contemplate backing.

To Halfway

Skywalker Logan 14.72
Cooneen Jack 14.86
Droopys State 15.14
Bockos Rory 15.22
Conors Blake 15.30
Headford Maurice 15.50

The sport doesn’t simply revolve around betting though and anybody who appreciates the sport will simply be satisfied at watching a superstar in full flow.

His performance when breaking the Nottingham track record last weekend was simply sensational. For a dog who’s apparent lack of early is his downfall, his 4.99 sectional was non too shabby either.

Logan should have no trouble taking command of the rail and though he may initially be led up on the outside by the likes of Cooneen Jack and Conors Blake, he should be in command by the time they hit the bend.

From there on in it should yet again be a case of Logan against the clock. Cooneen Jack can take second whilst the strong running Headford Maurice can run on for third.

Latest betting: 2-7 Skywalker Logan, 8-1 Cooneen Jack, 16-1 Bockos Rory, Connors Blake, 20-1 Headford Maurice, 80-1 Droopys State

Ante post: 8-1 Skywalker Logan, 100-1 Cooneen Jack, 150-1 Bockos Rory, 200-1 Connors Blake, 250-1 Headford Maurice, 500-1 Droopys State


Kevin Boon’s rapidly improving Swan Style can take heat 11 in style.

To Halfway

Antigua Romeo 14.79
Seaglass Phantom 14.80
Macaroon Cruz 14.90
Payaway Kane 15.03
Swan Style 15.06
Priceless Blake 15.16

Perfectly drawn against the rail, he can hold off Seaglass Phantom to the turn and once turning in front can set sail for victory.

Macaroon Cruz showed good improvement on his trial when finishing second behind Boylesports Xtra in last week’s first round, he can claim the same position tonight whilst Priceless Blake can take third.

Seaglass Phantom may well find himself squeezed for room at the first and this would massively hamper his chances of qualification.

Latest betting: 7-4 Seaglass Phantom, 5-2 Swan Style, 6-1 Macaroon Cruz, Priceless Blake, 7-1 Antigua Romeo, 25-1 Payyaway Kane

Ante post: 33-1 Seaglass Phantom, 50-1 Swan Style, 100-1 Macaroon Cruz, Priceless Blake, Antigua Romeo, 250-1 Payyaway Kane


Irish raider Wolfe is likely to be sent off a strong odds on favourite for heat 12 after a classy and brave success over 2018 Derby Champion Dorotas Wildcat.

To Halfway

Wolfe 14.88
Roxholme Jim 15.02
Wildfire Jimmy 15.21
Master Reed 15.29
King Diamond 15.43
Born To Achieve 15.48

I’m siding with Hayley Keightley’s Roxholme Jim however who is improving with each passing week.

Jim is both brave and intelligent, he’s also developing a lot more early pace. He wasn’t perfectly away from his trap 5 draw last week but ran a game race to eventually beat kennel mate Dorotas Woo Hoo by 2 3/4 lengths.

I expect him to trap in much better style tonight from what looks a perfect draw in trap three, and though he’ll need to improve to hold off what is sure to be a strong and constant challenge from Wolfe, I fully expect him to do so.

Master Reed, far from ideally drawn against the rail in trap 1, can tuck in behind the market leaders and claim third place.

Latest betting: 4-7 Wolfe, 3-1 Roxholme Jim, 12-1 King Diamond, Wildfire Jimmy, 20-1 Master Reed, 50-1 Born To Achieve

Ante post: 16-1 Wolfe, 50-1 Roxholme Jim, 125-1 Wildfire Jimmy, 250-1 King Diamond, Master Reed, 300-1 Born To Achieve


I’m loathe to oppose Dorotas Wildcat who has simply been a sensational greyhound over the past few years and who’s 2018 Derby victory at Towcester was just reward for his undoubted talents.

To Halfway

Antigua Sands 14.88
Dorotas Wildcat 14.91
Lenson Whelan 14.96
Ballymac Osby 15.03
King Idol 15.08
Forest Alan 15.16

He also ran a brilliant race when finishing just a length and a half behind Wolfe last week.

Though his middle draw in trap 4 could help him come away, he’s going to have to fly the lids in some style if he’s to clear Lenson Whelan by the turn who looks perfectly housed in trap 1.

Patrick Jannsen’s Con & Annie Kirby Memorial semi finalist can trap well and make it two from two on UK soil.

I’m siding with Ballymac Osby, apparent Hutton kennel second string in this race to follow Whelan round and qualify in second whilst Forest Alan can run on for third.

Latest betting: 4-6f Dorotas Wildcat, 11-2 Lenson Whelan, 15-2 Ballymac Osby, 10-1 Antigua Sands, 12-1 Forest Alan, 16-1 King Idol

Ante post: 10-1 Dorotas Wildcat, 50-1 Lenson Whelan, 50-1 Ballymac Osby, 100-1 Forest Alan, 125-1 Antigua Sands, 150-1 King Idol


Heat 14 looks, which has been reduced to five runners following the withdrawal of Onedin Paradise (lame) is still tricky to call.

To Halfway

Droopys Trapper 14.89
Honour Turbo 14.96
Kilara Tain Bo 15.06
Raise The Stakes 15.27
Ballymac Tas 15.32

The selection goes with Angela Harrison’s Droopys Trapper who looks well drawn in trap 5 and a lively start from the 2018 Eclipse finalist can see him turn in front.

Adrian McPherson’s home bred local runner Honour Turbo is a credit to connections, he runs his race more often than not and knows this track like the back of his hand.

He can turn second to Trapper but even that might not be enough to secure qualification. Liam Dowling’s sensational Irish bitch Ballymac Tas can stay on for second.

Latest betting: 13-8 Droopys Trapper, 5-2 Ballymac Tas, 6-1 Honour Turbo, 13-2 Raise The Stakes, 7-1 Kilara Tain Bo

Ante post: 50-1 Droopys Trapper, Ballymac Tas, 125-1 Raise The Stakes, 150-2 Honour Turbo, Kilara Tain Bo


The money that arrived for Holdem Zidane in last weeks first round heat suggests connections feel they’ve got him at his best.

To Halfway

Plaza Lep 14.84
Knockduff Declan 14.87
Holdem Zidane 14.92
King Turbo 14.93
Sporting Dave 14.95
Jaytee Taylor 15.18

He was beaten six lengths into second in the end, though to be beaten by Skywalker Logan carries no shame at all.

Zidane is a greyhound right out of the top drawer, always competing at the very highest level and a multiple category one finalist, he can once again ping the lids and this time he can turn in front and set sail for victory.

Jaytee Taylor can keep constant tabs on Zidane and can claim second whilst King Turbo can take third.

Latest betting: 13-8 Jaytee Taylor, 5-2 King Turbo, 4-1 Sporting Dave, 6-1 Holdem Zidane, 16-1 Plaza Lep, 20-1 Knockduff Declan

Ante post: 18-1 Jaytee Taylor, 33-1 King Turbo, 40-1 Sporting Dave, 100-1 Holdem Zidane, 150-1 Plaza Lep, Knockduff Declan


Angela Harrison’s Droopys Nadal set a new sectional track record of 4.88 when setting the track on fire on his way to a 29.32 (+30) success in last weeks first round and a similar break can soon see him in front.

To Halfway

Roxholme Glory 14.70
Droopys Nadal 14.75
Badminton Jet 14.80
Swift Jim 15.06
Worseforwear 15.19
Droopys Nirvana 15.20

Stamina was a worry about Nadal early in his career but he’s getting stronger all the time.

Hayley Keightley’s Roxholme Glory can quickly take command of the rail from his draw in white, he shouldn’t be too far away in second whilst Seamus Cahill’s Droopys Nirvana, second last week behind Lenson Whelan, can claim the third and final qualification spot for next weeks third round.

Latest betting: 5-2 Droopys Nadal, 3-1 Worseforwear, 7-2 Roxholme Glory, 5-1 Badminton Jet, 7-1 Swift Jim, 12-1 Droopys Nirvana

Ante post: 50-1 Droopys Nadal, Worseforwear, Roxholme Glory, 100-1 Badminton Jet, 125-1 Swift Jim, 150-1 Droopys Nirvana