Owner Carl Harris is urging GBGB to purchase a heart defibrillator for every greyhound track following the recent near tragedy for his close friend Jim Hayton.

The Kinsley trainer suffered a heart attack at Henlow last month but was resuscitated at the track before being transferred to hospital. He continues to make a promising recovery.

Harris has been in contact with a supplier of defibrillators and has been quoted a figure of £1,095 per unit, with additional costs for training.

Harris said: “Peter Harnden is planning to put it on the GBGB agenda for the next board meeting. Obviously this is a reaction to what happened to Jim who has been very lucky.

“But it has highlighted that as one of the most attended spectator sports in the country the safety of staff within greyhound racing and the public attending the event is paramount and if we can save just one person it would be money well spent.”