At a time when industry finances are under intense pressure, Tony Collett has nothing but praise for Central Park promoter Roger Cearns.

Roger Cearns

The local trainer said: “I have just homed ten dogs which cost me £2,750 and none of it would be possible if it wasn’t for Roger Cearns. We are very lucky that the track has an SIS contract but Roger has continued to dig deep and keep prize money at the same level, despite less income. Without that, we simply couldn’t afford to replace and re-home these dogs.

“To give you an example, we had one who was a bit of a concern. You couldn’t go near his feet or he would have you. It is very unusual but I was concerned whether we could find somewhere for him. Thankfully my local stipe Hayley Huntley suggested asking Lisa Samson (Barley Greyhound Sanctuary) to take him as she specialises in problem dogs. She took him on and has sorted him out. The dog cost me £500 plus another £400 to re-home.

“You just can’t keep that up unless the track are doing their part.”


Tony’s partner Cheryl Miller who runs the Greyhound Trust’s Croftview Kennels was also upbeat despite the deterioration of relations between the charity and GBGB.

She said: “We are on a very good run. We have 38 in the kennels at the moment including a couple who have to be kenneled on their own but we are currently re-homing roughly 20 dogs a month. They are going out quicker than they are coming in.”