“Well it was just a ridiculous run, I would have settled for that time on normal going.”

Trainer Kevin Hutton was positively buzzing after Dorotas Wildcat’s sprint solo at Swindon on a rain drenched Tuesday morning. The big black clocked an actual 16.23 for the 285 metres on a track rated .30 slow by the local stewards.

Kevin said: “The trainers were looking at the trial times for the four bend dogs and were thinking -60 to -80 and they assessed them at -50 and -60.

“In fact, we trialled Drive On Hunter and on going allowance, his time was back on last week, when I would have expected the opposite. Wildat’s best ever run over the distance was 16.01 (16.16 .15 slow) so obviously I am delighted.

“I said at the time that the Hove run was ‘just one of those things’ and clearly there isn’t a lot wrong with him. We may run him in a race at Swindon next week, or alternatively he would certainly have another spin there.”

* Jimmy Lollie’s track record has stood at 15.90 (+10) since September 2009.