Today we introduce a new feature in: British Performer of the Week – a fairly self explanatory title. As with the Irish performances, the criteria are widespread and include fastest times of the week, extended win sequences or particularly impressive victories for young or older greyhounds. This is an experimental feature, with some rough edges and we are anticipating hiccup before deciding whether to make it a permanent fixture.

This week’s focus includes: Belle Vue where 19 month old Bills Direction clocked the fastest 470 of the week with a 27.82 run. It was a tough call at Central Park where joint Crayford 380mH record holder Droopys Cruiser clocked an excellent 29.36 (c) over the Springbok course, just edge the promising staying run of Southfield Code. There was also a close call at Perry Barr with Best Dressed just edging Moti – though the latter will surely feature in the future. At Nottingham, the remarkable Alfies Prince landed race 130 and a hat-trick in A1 and a first track record for Droopys Addition.

BELLE VUE 27.82 470m BILLS DIRECTION (Belles Direction-Delightful Girl, Jun 18)
CENTRAL PARK 29.56 480mH DROOPYS CRUISER (Scolari Me Daddy-Droopys Isabella)
CRAYORD 34.04 540m ITS AN ACT (Tullymurry Act-Congo Hope, Aug 17)
DONCASTER 29.55 483m BARNSIDE MILLIE (Rio Quattro-Burnside Chlode, Apr 18)
HARLOW 26.21 415m PHARIS SALAH (Lenson Panda-View The Bay, Sep 17)
HENLOW 28.39 460m WESTMEAD MARGO (Leamaneigh Turbo-Westmead Sula, May 18)
HOVE 29.36 500m DROOPYS ADDITION (Droopys Jet-Droopys Hilda, May 18)
KINSLEY 27.77 462m GO HAPPY GO (Storm Control-Cragbrien Shaw, Dec 16)
MONMORE 41.19 684m AVASTORM (Storm Control-Catunda Yvonne, Nov 16)
NEWCASTLE 28.63 480m BRAMBLE ANNECE (Zero Ten-Bramble Isobel, Aug 16)
NOTTINGHAM 30.46 500m ALFIES PRINCE (Droopys Alfie-Geneva Socks, Aug 14)
PELAW GRANGE 25.47 435m HEADFORD SPECIAL (Droopys Cain-Headford Fantasy, Aug 17)
PERRY BAR 28.55 480m BEST DRESSED (Droopys Jet-Miss July, Mar 17)
PETERBOROUGH 25.85 435m LOOKALIKE (Ballymac Eske-Emers Ivy, Aug 15)
POOLE 27.04 450m HOVEX DUNK (Tullymurry Act-Mill Babs, Mar 17)
ROMFORD 34.88 575m SPARTA MASTER (Aero Majestic-Sparta Fantasy, Aug 17)
SHAWFIELD 29.42h 480m KILLIEFORD FINN (Droopys Cain-Final Gem, Jan 18)
SHEFFIELD 29.00 500m LEMON VINCENT (Scolari Me Daddy-Lemon Dona, Jun 17)
SUNDERLAND 27.20 450m BALLYMAC ALFONSE (Ballymac Best-Coolavanny Angie, Nov 16)
SWINDON 28.48 476m AMLA ROFE (Blackstone Marco-Ardjeff Lady, Feb 18)
YARMOUTH 27.92 462m SWIFT SABBATH (Superior Product-Swift Scrabble, Jul 16)