With Romford and Yarmouth staging multiple events over different distances, it is sometimes hard to compare and contrast. Who could argue with Smallmead’s 34.83 run for the 575 though?

At Yarmouth, there was Shrewd Call’s 16.11 (9 spots off the clock) for the sprint, and a flying 40.51 over six bends for Sheldan. But the nomination has to go to Paul Burr’s local hero Lastfortheroad with the fastest 462 since Affane Party’s 27.32 almost two years ago. Staying with the open racers, you can’t look past Queen Jessiej’s 27.89 in the second round of the Produce Stakes at Swindon.

The staying scene is really hotting up at the moment and the return of Skilful Sandie at Central Park brings another big player back to the party.

Nottingham’s most impressive run is almost always the oldest on the table, given it usually takes place on a Monday night, but there is a familiar look to it with ‘under the radar’ runner Look Like Power retaining the slot for a second week. That is 6/6 at Colwick Park. Harlow’s Hot Product is another making consecutive appearances on the chart, as has Hove’s top A1 performer Chipping Away. Though few have featured more consistently this year than Pelaw’s outstanding veteran Nametab Coco.

Doncaster’s Ballymac Rocket will surely soon be returning to the open race scene following his impressive 29.52 win in the track’s best recent A1.

By this time next week, we will almost certainly be looking at the GAIN sponsored ‘Three Steps’ at Sheffield. In the meantime, it is the 29.08 A3 winner Saleen Again.

Of all the criteria we use to make our selections, being the fastest over the track’s standard distance will usually put you in the shake-up. So a 27.38 for Coconut Bay was good enough at Henlow. Interestingly, it has taken her nine months to rise from A8, and she has shed nearly 3kg (28.6-25.9) in the process. At the opposite end of the scale is Perry Barr’s quickest A1 winner of the week, the 38 kilo Newinn Banger.

Freedom Mike was correspondingly the quickest over Newcastle’s 480 metres with a 28.40 run in A2. While at neighbouring Sunderland, Square One was quickest of levels for the week in A2.

Kinsley’s Brosna Blonde makes the list based on her incredible consistency. Last nine races, 6 wins, two seconds and a third.

We don’t like to double up on selections but found it impossible to split the runs of two ’19 whelps at Towcester. Heather Dimmock’s Quivers Guess clocked 16.15 (-05) on debut, while Frank Gray’s Makeit Darcy was just two spots slower.

Three way splits are even rarer, but this feature was set up for events like Track Championships and Monmore staged three finals on Saturday which went to Final Moon, Jazzers Man and Distant Move.

Of how else would Woodcocks Akia’s achievements be acknowledged? On August 1 she started at 4-1 in an S4 at Crayford. She won it, followed by two S1s, and on Saturday clocked the fastest 380 of the month when completing a 980-1 four-timer!

CENTRAL PARK 39.84 642m SKILFUL SANDIE (Kinloch Brae-Global Liberty, Sep 17)
CRAYFORD 23.27 380m WOODCOCKS KIA (Ballymac Best-Ballymac Kia, Feb 18)
DONCASTER 29.52 483m BALLYMAC ROCKER (Ballymac Best-Ballymac Bonnie, Mar 18)
HARLOW 37.38 592m HOT PRODUCT (Superior Product-Except Change, Aug 17)
HENLOW 27.38 460m COCONUT BAY (Good News-Jaytee Osprey, Oct 17)
HOVE 29.04 500m CHIPPING AWAY (Zero Ten-Mineola Smile, Jul 17)
KINSLEY 16.17 268m BROSNA BLONDE (Taylors Sky-Badminton Blonde, Jul 18)
MONMORE 15.34 264m FINAL MOON (Ballymac Vic-Hannah Pearl, Jul 17)
28.28 480m JAZZERS MAN (Superior Product-Colarhouse Vicky, Feb 18)
38.20 630m DISTANT MOVE (Droopys Cain-Attention Seeker, Sep 17)
NEWCASTLE 28.40 480m FREEDOM MIKE (Ballymac Eske-Mustang Temora, Aug 18)
NOTTINGHAM 29.62 500m LOOK LIKE POWER (Droopys Roddick-Sizzling Daisy, Mar 18)
PELAW GRANGE 25.65 435m NAMETAB COCO (Skywalker Puma-La Linea, Sep 16)
PERRY BARR 28.50 480m NEWINN BANGER (Farloe Blitz-Coolavanny Pearl, Apr 17)
ROMFORD 34.91 575m SMALLMEAD (Definite Opinion-Ballymac Razl, May 18)
SHEFFIELD 29.08 500m SALEEN AGAIN (Droopys Scolari-Slipalong Angel, Jul 17)
SUNDERLAND 27.25 450m SQUARE ONE (Skywalker Farloe-Niamh Lola, Jul 17)
SWINDON 27.89 476m QUEEN JESSIEJ (Leamaneigh Turbo-Skate On, May 18)
TOWCESTER 16.15 270m QUIVERS GUESS (Quivers Jet=Quivors Manor, Jan 19)
16.17 270m MAKEIT DARCY (Eden The Kid-Baran Spitfire, Feb 19)
YARMOUTH 27.38 462m LASTFORTHEROAD (Ballymac Vic-Wallflower, Jan 18)