A second appearance for Droopys Addition who lowered his own unofficial track record at Hove, while half brother Roman Empire gets the nod at Romford. Although beaten half a length on the clock by Sparta Master, it was a remarkable run for a dog running with screws in a formerly broken hock.

Micks Little Gem was some way off King Kane’s 55.58 track record for Sheffield’s 915m with a 56.17 run, though that reduces to 19 spots with going allowance taken into account.

Perhaps the unluckiest dog not to make the chart this week is Kevin Seville’s Winter, with a career best 16.03 for the Kinsley sprint. He was pipped to the post by puppy kennelmate Glenvale Amy with a 27.72 run over the standard. Or it might be Angela Harrison’s 28.65 winning pup Droopys Catch, who is nudged out by Steve Anderson’s even younger Morpeth Lad who completed a four-timer with an A1 win in 28.73.

Almost finally, a mention for the remarkable Southfield Bea whose nine length Saturday night win in A1 at Swindon might not have been noticed outside the West Country but is exactly what this page is about. Paul Foster’s black was a single spot outside Cadburys Hero’s track record. In 2019, Bea was the fastest performer over the old 509m course, and also quickest over the new 514m and 649 metres.

And absolutely finally, Ballyoak Badger with the only sub-27.00 run at Poole this year, some 22 months after giving birth to the first litter of Dorotas Wildcat pups.

BELLE VUE 28.10 470m DROOPYS LEGEND (Loughteen Blanco-Droopys Alondra, Aug 16)
CENTRAL PARK 29.72 480mH DROOPYS CRUISER (Scolari Me Daddy-Droopys Isabella)
CRAYORD 45.38 714m BEECHGROVE BELL (Tullymurry Act-Forest Bell, Jun 17)
DONCASTER 29.97 483m HEADFORD MAURICE (Tyrur Big Mike-Headford Maura, Jan 17)
HARLOW 25.95 415m PHILFEN DIVA (Swift Hoffman-Forest Bell, Sep 16)
HENLOW 27.37 460m MURLENS HENRY (Ballyhooly Henry-Murlens Raw, Jan 17)
HOVE 29.21 500m DROOPYS ADDITION (Droopys Jet-Droopys Hilda, May 18)
KINSLEY 27.72 462m GLENVALE AMY (Jaytee Dutch-Glenbrentonolive, May 18)
MONMORE 28.37 480m BALLYMAC MATT (Ballymac Matt-Ballymac Scala, Sep 17)
NEWCASTLE 28.73 480m MORPETH LAD (Farloe Blitz-Swift Hazel, Jun 18)
NOTTINGHAM 28.71 480m MILLION WINK (Holdem Spy-Million Jay, Feb 18)
PELAW GRANGE 14.49 245m MURLENS MYRA (Ballymac Vic-Murlens Raw, Nov 17)
PERRY BARR 28.66 480m SABBATICAL (Tullymurry Act-Phone Lizzie, Apr 17)
PETERBOROUGH 26.41 435m BARRIGONE CLAW (Paradise Madison-Barrigone Travel, Oct 16)
POOLE 26.91 450m BALLYOAK BADGER (Slip The Lark-Ballyoak Alice, Jul 15)
ROMFORD 34.78 575m ROMAN EMPIRE (Droopys Jet-Droopys Hilda, Jul 17)
SHAWFIELD 29.31 480m GREENWELL THEA (Skywalker Puma-Greenwell Lark, Mar 17)
SHEFFIELD 56.17 915m MICKS LITTLE GEM (Superior Product-Mays Maska, Jul 17)
SUNDERLAND 27.55 450m FAIRHOLME POSH (Taylors Sky-Posh Pawn, Sep 16)
SWINDON 27.87 476m SOUTHFIELD BEA (Laughil Blake-Droopys Elite, Jul 17)
YARMOUTH 27.92 462m JINKS BEHIND (Droopys Jet-Fortwilliam Hawk, Sep 16)