With the All England Cup on the horizon, Debbie Calvert will be hoping for a decent performance from Jumeirah Sprite whose 28.37 Newcastle A1 win has only been bettered once this year, by Dilly Dilly (28.29). Meanwhile at Sunderland, Abbys Attitude rules supreme with a third consecutive win in A1. Glengiblin Billy won his second A1 since the break at Pelaw.

At Yarmouth, four hounds broke 28.00 this week including Quiet Man, but it was his litter sister Black Mystery who was the quickest of the quartet.

Roedhelm Tiger clocked the fastest 500 at Sheffield since the lockdown (28.71), but the nomination goes to the puppy Coney Kokekan for a 15.93 in his first ever race.

Earlier in the year, Our Lucky Fool ran third in the Coronation Cup, last week he won a decent quality Romford S1 in a decent 35.33. Perhaps the easiest pick of the week came from a Monmore meeting of a dozen A1 races – fastest winner Avion Charlie. Crayford was a tougher call but the fastest 380 of the week went to puppy Dunquin Roddick with last week’s POW Fredie The Man two places further back. The not dissimilarly aged and bred Ardrath Albert did something similar in A1 at Hove.

Barnside Betty was last week’s nomination at Doncaster though she was well beaten in a sharp time by kennelmate Glaise Tracy. At neighbouring Kinsley, the weekly question is ‘which Acomb will it be this week? Answer – Acomb Jenny has replaced brother Winston.

Although fast times were at a premium at Harlow, Moaning Sabba gets the nomination as the quickest of them and maintaining a 3/3 record since lockdown.

At Perry Barr, sprinter Castell Stevie made an impressive switch to four bends with the fastest time of the year. At Nottingham, any hound clocking 29.72 for the 500 metre course in a graded race is likely to get the nod, step forward Locnamon Mike.

Central Park A1 regular Tommys Panther featured on the chart a couple of weeks ago following a 28.70 run; he shaved that by four spots on Sunday night.

It was very early in the year that Mark Wallis mentioned the potential of a young bitch called Playbook in his regular column. At that stage she had worked her way from Henlow A9 to a minor open at Romford. That progress has continued with a FOY for the 460.

Swindon A2 runner Distant Sailor was lengths clear of the opposition in the last race of the week, and produced easily the quickest run, 28.26. for the 476 metres.

Finally, Reggie Alder’s puppy Hather Georgia produced the fastest middle distance run of the week – and a fifth time on the chart for sire Droopys Roddick.

CENTRAL PARK 28.66 480m TOMMYS PANTHER (Pat C Sabbath-Tommys Ruby, Nov 17)
CRAYFORD 23.38 380m DUNQUIN RODDICK (Droopys Roddick-Dunquin Bound, Jul 18)
DONCASTER 27.64 450m GLAISE TRACY (Laughil Duke-Glaise Specks, Dec 17)
HARLOW 25.84 415m MOANING SABBA (Pat C Sabbath-Moaning Fifi, May 18)
HENLOW 27.36 460m PLAYBOOK (Droopys Roddick-Bolt Along, Feb 18)
HOVE 29.27 500m ARDRATH ALBERT (Droopys Roddick-Ardrath Scarett, Jul 18)
KINSLEY 16.00 268m ACOMB JENNY (Hiya Butt-Acomb Ruby, Aug 18)
MONMORE 28.19 480m AVION CHARLIE (Ballymac Vic-Tullig Bonnie, Jan 18)
NEWCASTLE 28.37 480m JUMEIRAH SPRITE (Droopys Roddick-Jumeirah Dancer, Aug 17)
NOTTINGHAM 29.72 500m LOCNAMON MIKE (Zero Ten-Locnamon Millie, Jun 16)
PELAW GRANGE 25.93 435m GLENGIBLIN BILLY (Droopys Jet-Short Odds, Apr 17)
PERRY BARR 28.46 480m CASTELL STEVIE (Belles Direction-Cabra Fifi, May 18)
ROMFORD 35.33 575m OUR LUCKY FOOL (Romeo Recruit-Droopys Frizz, Aug 17)
SHEFFIELD 16.93 280m CONEY KOKEKAN (Farloe Blitz-Swift Palmer, Sep 18)
SUNDERLAND 27.44 450m ABBYS ATTITUDE (Superior Product-Farloe Lyra, Jul 16)
SWINDON 28.26 476m DISTANT SAILOR (Ballymac Eske-Lemon Lucy, Aug 17)
(Droopys Roddick-Hather For Ever, Jul 18)
YARMOUTH 27.84 462m BLACK MYSTERY (Pat C Sabbath-Bonus, Sep 17)