A great night for British Breeders in the North is planned for Thursday 15 October at Newcastle when we will see the finals of two competitions sponsored by the British Greyhound Breeders’ Forum, plus four supporting BGBF races for British Breds!
Centre stage will be the Final of the BGBF Northern Maiden Standard, a Cat 2 worth £3,000 to the winner. This competition will be for 36 British breds and six reserves, over 480m, three rounds starting Thursday 1 October.
Then there will be the Final of the BGBF British Bred Sprint, a £1500 to the winner Cat 3 over 290m, a two round competition for 18 and three reserves.
To make the evening even more special, there will be four supporting races for British breds – a BGBF British Bred Maiden, a BGBF British Bred Standard, a BGBF British Bred Puppy Standard and a BGBF British Bred Bitches Standard – all of them £200 to the winner, others £50.
‘It will give trainers a great boost in this area’ said Newcastle’s Ian Walton. ‘British breeding is strong up here and the spread of competitions on Finals night will give plenty of trainers and breeders something to aim at. We are looking forward to it!’
Chair of the BGBF Liz Mort said ‘Last year we held our first competition at Newcastle – the Cat 1 Northern Plate, which was a great success. This year, with the Covid situation, there is less money in the pot and after discussions with Ian Walton it was decided that this would be the best way to spread the funding.
“It doesn’t mean our Northern Cat 1 Plate is gone, but it won’t be taking place this year. We are very excited that with Newcastle’s help we will be running these two finals and four supporting races, which we believe will be even more attractive to owners, trainers and breeders of British Bred greyhounds in the North!’