Hove trainer Tony Taylor is planning to move back to his old Catford kennel at Keston following the decision of owner Robert Brinkley to sell the kennel at Clandon near Guildford.

Taylor said: “Robert has been very good to me, charging a minimal rent and giving me plenty of time to go. But the reality is, he became disillusioned with greyhound racing and wanted out. He spent a lot of money and a lot of the dogs came up short. I know he was sickened when Droops Wilbury broke a hock in the Derby.

“Obviously, he missed out with Brinkleys Poet but he formed the opinion that the dog couldn’t stay in front of top class dogs, and has obviously been proven wrong. But his mind was already made up by then and he told me he had made a profit on the dog and had no regrets.

“Robert hasn’t had a dog with me for around 18 months, and told Mark Wallis to sell all his dogs some time ago. I am not sure but I think he might now be involved in horseracing.

“This place is being sold to neighbours at Sunvalley Kennels, which used to be the Sylvia Cross kennel. They hate greyhound racing and have been absolute hell to live next door to. I can’t wait to go.

“I am planning to move back into Keston by around October but the place is in need of around £35,000-£40,000 worth of renovation work. I was originally offered a GBGB grant for these kennels but once I realised Robert’s plan, decided to put the money towards the Keston kennels.”