LONGWOOD, FL – It’s been 13 hours since the start of a worldwide phenomenon that started out as a little joke began.

“Breakfast with Blondie” was never meant to turn into what it did. A racing greyhound who had a penchant for McDonald’s breakfasts and his trainer who couldn’t deny him that tasty goodness.

Kennel operator/trainer, Aj Grant, posted a week and a half ago about throwing a little breakfast party for Blondie – who races under the name “Blonde Bomber” – and the rest of his kennelmates. It’d only be fair since Blondie was getting more than his fair share of Aj’s morning ritual. To Aj’s surprise – and everyone else’s really – the idea blew up in the most organic of ways. Completely unplanned, greyhound adopters from around North America began asking how they could contribute. Before Aj could say “no” enough funds were generated so that four (4) kennels of racing greyhounds would be able to join in on the fun.

Soon enough, people from around the world – 37 states, 8 Canadian provinces (we even had a Newfie come down to participate in the event! Pretty cool, eh?!), and 7 overseas countries and all but one continent were excited about joining the racers in the action! If that doesn’t say “Around the World” I don’t know what does!

As the day drew closer, Grant made sure to check in with the local McDonald’s store to give them a heads up. The manager was up for the challenge! They scheduled extra crew members to come in at 3am and started cooking nonstop.

When “Breakfast with Blondie” kicked off, posts slowly started trickling in. Pictures of greyhounds, chihuahuas, Yorkies, Irish Setters, Wolfhounds, Labradors then started flooding in. All coming in with pictures and videos of their dogs “Loving It!” – do a hashtag search on Facebook for “#Breakfastwithblondie” and you’ll be reading stories and watching video clips for hours.

Facebook was started out as a way for people to connect with one another; since it’s founding, it’s morphed into something probably what it wasn’t initially visualized. But, today…today is what Facebook CAN be about. People with commonality sharing some good natured fellowship sans judgement. Over 1,000 people all over the world spoiling their pups with a little junk food in solidarity with a pup who won’t shut up until his trainer gave him some of his breakfast.

Today was a good day – and it all started with Breakfast with Blondie.