ARC have revealed their on-going fixture list with Yarmouth the big losers – going from three meetings per week down to two.

On the day that SIS announced a return to 640 races per week, the ARC fixture list lost another meeting (32-31) and dropped to 374 races. Of the 31 meetings, 17 are hosted by the four ARC owned tracks (Newcastle, Sunerland, Nottingham and Perry Barr) with the remaining 14 shared between the other five tracks.

Yarmouth promoter Simon Franklin was unavailable for comment following the announcement though trainer John Mullins was angry mood when contacting the Star offices earlier today.

He said: “How is a track like Yarmouth supposed to stay open? It is a great track, well run by the boys, but they need the extra meetings, particularly in the summer. You wonder whether GBGB should be looking at the situation and how many meetings that they allow tracks to be licensed for. If things carry on at this rate there soon won’t be an industry left.”