Henlow promoter Kevin Boothby was delighted with a second turnout by pro racing supporters who engaged in a stand-off with anti racing supporters outside the track on Sunday.

Boothby said: “There must have been 70 or 00 people there altogether. It makes such a great change to see greyhound supporters standing up for their sport.

“The antis are just so ignorant. There was one woman shouting, ‘see that building over there. That is where they take them to be shot in the head with a bolt gun‘. One of the owners told he precisely what a ******** idiot she was. They are absolutely potty.

“But it was well organised on our side. The gates were locked, and whereas in the past they antis have tried to block the gates, there were some big hefty security guys there to make sure they stayed off the premises. It was a great effort by some of Jason Bloomfield’s owners. They can keep protesting as far as I am concerned. I think it is all good fun.”