King Turbo landed his second Gold Cup, when taking the Ladbrokes sponsored Monmore version on Thursday night, though assistant trainer Rab McNair admits to frustration at the dog’s past and future engagements writes Floyd Amphlett.

The 5-4f showed he has developed into the complete package with a display of pace, resilience and trackcraft in the £10,000 decider where he went from trap one.

Rab said: “I couldn’t see all of the race from the middle and want to watch the replay, but it looked like he knew his job. I thought it was a great run.”

Monmore Stadium Manager Paul Mason presents the Ladbrokes Gold Cup to Rab & Liz McNair after King Turbo’s victory. Photo: © Steve Nash

But the Scotsman remains irritated that the British bred who has now run 32 unblemished races and mix trials since being disqualified in his seventh race, was unable to take his place in the Star Sports Greyhound Derby.

He said: “We beat Dorotas Wild Cat in the Gold Cup at Towcester. That doesn’t mean we would have beaten him in the Derby, he is a great dog, but we should have had the chance. There were ungenuine dogs in the Derby with ‘awkward’ on their cards, and hurdlers, but they were allowed to run and we weren’t. There was no need to follow the example of the GRA, which is old fashioned thinking.”

The Kent based kennel, who boast the best British bred kennel since ‘Westmead’ was at its peak have confirmed that they will not be entering any runners for the British Bred Derby, which according to an article in the Racing Post, will now be held at Newcastle.

Rab said: “It is eight hours from me and I told John Marriott (Chairman Breeders Forum) that we wouldn’t be taking part because of the location. I suggested Central Park, which is as good a track as there is in this country, but he turned it down because it ‘wasn’t central enough’.

“I fully understand that they can’t just run it at a track to suit the McNairs, but there are other options. Nottingham already have a British bred event, so I proposed Doncaster which is a great track and reminds me of the old Bolton. I think it would be well received by all breeders as being central if it was run there. But that isn’t happening so we won’t be taking part.”

Rab McNair’s take on the Dele Alli finger challenge internet craze after King Turbo’s Gold Cup win Photo: © Steve Nash